Remove door from pallet and place in location to be fitted.
Remove retaining screw from door spacer (located in bottom of door set)
Remove door spacer tapping off with a hammer.
Position door set in aperture.
Open door from sub frame to 90 degreeā€™s
Drill 5 number 6mm diameter clearance holes to each jamb starting 100mm down from the head then 460mm spaces in between.
Level sub frame head with a spirit level.
Plumb hinged jamb of sub frame with spirit level or plumb bob.
Fix in place and pack where necessary.
Close door and align meeting jamb for plumb and parallel to obtain an even 3mm gap.
Open door leaf, fix in place and pack where necessary.
Close door and lock by lifting the lever handle and turning the key in cylinder lock. Push the door leaf and check for any movement.
If movement between door leaf and rebated stop is detected, (i.e. top middle bottom of door) open door leaf from frame and adjust strike plates accordingly to rectify.

Both door and frame may be wiped over with a damp cloth. DO NOT use anything abrasive as this will result in scratching the surface.
Light oil may be applied to hinges if necessary.